Saturday, January 22, 2022

Track layout planning becomes reality

 The trials and tribulations of a Railway Modeller are at there greatest when all of those plans you’ve been scratching out for ages, meet the reality of laying track. 

Yep I’m just about there. Well actually I’m at the fun bit, gluing down the cork. Fun? I hear you say? It is for me, at least for now, as I’m doing the front three modules. There have been a few moments of head scratching, and checking of track diagrams and alignment of points matching the sweeping curves of the main yard area. The yard in front of the goods shed is a busy location, with the Mainline running closest to the front of the layout, and the Goods sidings or loops in behind.

The design of the layout with the gentle curve of the central module, seems to be coming together, which is pleasing, and tinged with relief. 

The cork for the tracklaying has been a little scarce, which hopefully means there are a lot more modellers out there making some progress, great stuff! I’ve built a set of legs for the modules to attach to the end of the above central module, that is at seated working height. This makes it much easier to work on the module, than at display height. As I’ve said many times before, I prefer a high display height so that you are immersed in the scene, but for working on the modules seated height is perfect.

I am just up to gluing down the cork between modules, and I’ve attached two together to achieve that. I will be leaving at least two together so that I can begin fixing down the track next. The benefits of using the commercially available track should really see things move along faster once I begin this part of construction.

After that it will be onto the ballast. That really feels miles away from the above photo. The ballast I’ve chosen is as close to what I think would have been used in the early railways around 1880. Most of the imagery I’ve been able to find has the look of sandstone about it, very pale. Further research and help from others has led me to believe that the pale look of sandstone is much like what was being used.

So for now, I shall leave this post here,

Enjoy your week,

Happy modelling!



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