Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hoskins Hollow, onto grid paper

So since my last post I've availed myself to a couple of Facebook groups to widen my knowledge base. So far it appears to be working a treat. There have been some discussion around just what I'm trying to model. The how, when, where, and why of a layout are a very real necessity when planning a new 'township'.
 Next I will be developing a 'reason for being' description of the layout, as I've done on my previous layout. It's funny when you think back actually, as I used to put up copies of the 'history' and details of the township up the road from the railway, when showing it to the public, until people really began to believer it actually existed, of course it didn't.
Here's an updated plan of the layout so far. Of course I'm open to discussion on this as well.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Gestation of a layout idea- Hoskins' Hollow

Many years ago now I met a group of people at my local railway club, who were truly inspiring, both as men, and modellers. I learnt a great deal, laughed loud, and I always think of them fondly. In memory of two great blokes, I've included some of their names in the planning of this layout.
For some time I've been tossing around ideas for my On30 layout. Well after some thought I've come up with a basic drawing of a layout, and it's name.
So here I announce the new layout, Hoskins' Hollow.
When will it be finished? Well that depends on when it's started I suppose.
When will it be able to be seen? I'll keep you up to date, with regular posts here. ( regular means at least every three months)
All the details are in my head at the moment, but here's a photo to get you started.

This is obviously a very rough sketch, but it does mark the beginning of a new layout. There is a lot of scenery on it and that really is my focus, a train through a scene. Lots of trees, hillsides, and just a few buildings scattered through.

As far as rollingstock goes, well there's a saddletank porter, a shay, heavily modified Railmotor, and an assortment of wagons. All of the above are yet to be constructed and weathered.
Lots to think about, but I thought that after such a long time it may be worth making a start, even if it's a small step.
Have a great day!